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Sacred Geometry Healing Symbol Tools

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Sacred Geometry Healing Symbol Tools

I just finished reading the book “In the Mind of a Master” by Slim Spurling, who created many different sacred geometry healing symbol tools.  As it turns out, they really work!  Check out the review and find out what a tensor ring is.

in the mind of a master

In the Mind of a Master

“In the Mind of a Master” by Slim Spurling and Susan Anderson delves into the innovative mind of Slim Spurling, an inventor and researcher renowned for his work in the field of environmental and personal health. The book explores Spurling’s journey from his early life and career as an artist and blacksmith to his discovery and development of subtle energy tools aimed at improving the quality of life. Central to his work is the concept of “Light-Life Technology,” a series of devices that Spurling designed to harmonize and enhance the energetic fields of living beings and environments. These tools, based on principles of sacred geometry and energy dynamics, have been acclaimed for their ability to address various health issues, reduce environmental pollution, and promote overall well-being.

The book is interwoven with scientific explanations and testimonials from users of Spurling’s inventions. Susan Anderson, co-author and longtime collaborator of Spurling, provides additional insight into the development and impact of these technologies. The book emphasizes Spurling’s holistic approach to health, which integrates ancient wisdom with modern science. Through detailed descriptions and case studies, you will understand how these tools work, including the Light-Life Rings, Acu-Vac Coil, and Feedback Loop, and their applications in life from agriculture to personal health.

“In the Mind of a Master” highlights Slim Spurling’s vision of a world where individuals take responsibility for their energy fields and contribute to a healthier planet. His legacy is celebrated through the inspiring stories of those who have benefitted from his work, encouraging you to explore the potential of energy healing and the impact it can have on personal and environmental health.

tensor ring


How do the Slim Spurling Tensor rings work?

Slim Spurling’s Tensor Rings, also known as Light-Life Rings, are part of his broader Light-Life Technology. These rings are designed to interact with the subtle energy fields that surround living beings and objects. Here’s an explanation of how these tensor rings work:

The tensor rings are made of copper or other metals and are precisely measured and cut to specific lengths based on sacred geometry and quantum physics principles. When these lengths are formed into a closed loop and twisted into a ring, they create a continuous flow of energy known as a tensor field. This field is believed to have beneficial properties for health and well-being.

Tensor rings resonate at a specific frequency that interacts with the body’s biofield or the energy fields of objects and environments. This interaction can help to harmonize and balance these energy fields, promoting a state of coherence and equilibrium.

Creating a tensor field within the ring is thought to tap into zero-point energy. These are theoretical concepts from quantum physics that represent an infinite potential energy field. The tensor ring acts as a conduit for this energy, potentially having various positive effects such as enhancing the body’s natural healing processes and improving overall energy levels.

Tensor rings are also used to mitigate the effects of electromagnetic pollution (EMF) and other environmental stressors. Placing the rings around electronic devices or in living spaces is believed to neutralize harmful frequencies and create a more harmonious energetic environment.

What are some of the benefits of the Tensor Rings?

People report health benefits from using tensor rings, including pain relief, enhanced energy, improved sleep quality, and faster recovery from illnesses. The rings can be placed on the body or worn as jewelry. You can even use them with Reiki or other forms of energy healing.

Placing tensor rings around containers of water or food is said to improve their energetic quality, making them more beneficial for consumption. This is thought to work by restructuring the water molecules and neutralizing toxins.

Tensor rings are used in gardening and farming to enhance plant growth and vitality. They are believed to improve soil health, increase crop yields, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Acu Vac


My Personal Testimonial

After reading “In the Mind of a Master,” I decided to buy a small Sacred Cubit ring out of curiosity to see if it worked. The ring arrived on Monday, and I’ve been wearing it every day since. So, what were the effects? On Sunday, I hiked up a neighborhood mountain twice in one day. Normally, I would expect to feel sore two days later, but I felt perfectly fine. Additionally, I haven’t experienced my usual morning stiffness. Typically, I start my day with a few yoga stretches to alleviate stiffness, but I haven’t felt the need to do them lately (though I’ve done them anyway). Overall, I’m very pleased with the effects of this spiritual technology. I’m considering getting another device soon and experimenting more with the ring I already have.


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