Particle Magic

Tachyon energy healing is based on the concept of utilizing tachyons, hypothetical particles that travel faster than the speed of light, to promote healing and well-being. Proponents of tachyon energy healing believe that tachyons possess a high vibrational frequency and that they can positively influence the body’s energy field, promoting balance and harmony.


Manifest positive energy and create your own sacred space with Tachyon Living Particle Magic for your ceiling and walls. Surround yourself with a Tachyon field every day.

Simply add one 10 oz. packet of Particle Magic to any gallon of paint while painting the room to quickly change its energy. Enjoy the peaceful, energetic, and protective Tachyon vibes every day.


3 Packets Particle Magic: $149.85
5 Packets Particle Magic: $249.75


3 Packets Particle Magic $149.85, ​5 Packets Particle Magic $249.75


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