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Manifesting Money Success Story!

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Energy Healing, Manifesting | 0 comments

I’ve been working on manifesting more money and have experienced some good results. While I did face a big tax bill that needed to be paid, I focused on manifesting money success and took steps to shift my mindset, visualize success, and eliminate emotional and energetic blocks. I used tapping, a theta meditation, and a visualization meditation to clear these blocks. Did it work? YES! While I haven’t completely paid off my debt, I’ve managed to cover a significant portion of it.

Here are my results:

  • A client gave me a $500 tip for the website I built for her. She must have been really happy with my work and saw an increase in her income because of it, prompting her to give me this unexpected tip.
  • I received an unexpected affiliate payment of $200.
  • I agreed to pet sit my friend’s cat, thinking it would be a favor, but she surprised me with $200 for my services.
  • Another website design client suggested adding a tip section to my invoices. After doing so, he tipped me $20 for my next job.

While these amounts aren’t in the thousands, they add up to a decent sum of unexpected money.

Every day, or every other day, I did either the Theta Healing Meditation, Visualization, and the tapping to release blocks.

Here are some of the meditations I used for manifesting money success. They are attached below.

I prefer short meditations that you can easily find on YouTube.

Theta Healing Meditation for Prosperity

Visualization for Prosperity

Tapping for Money

You might have your own methods for manifesting what you want, but these worked for me. Feel free to share your manifesting techniques!


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