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How does EFT Tapping help to manifest your goals?

by | May 5, 2024 | EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique | 0 comments

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is the process of bringing into reality desired outcomes through sustained positive concentration on a goal, devoid of conflicting energies such as fear, feelings of unworthiness, or a lack of comprehension.

How does EFT Tapping help with manifesting your goals?

EFT Tapping helps manifest goals by tackling negative emotions and beliefs that could hold you back. Tapping on certain points and staying focused on what you want clears away obstacles, making it easier to bring your desires to life. This technique boosts your mood, and confidence, and opens you up to new possibilities, making it easier to achieve your dreams.

What are some examples of using EFT tapping to manifest your goals?

  • Career Advancement: If you want a promotion but feel unsure, tap while saying “I’m confident in my skills.”
  • Financial Abundance: Tap to let go of scarcity thoughts, saying “I attract abundance effortlessly.”
  • Improved Relationships: Tap to release old grudges, saying “I forgive and welcome love.”
  • Health and Wellness: Tap to resist cravings, saying “I choose health and vitality.”
  • Personal Growth: Tap to boost confidence, saying “I believe in my success.”By letting go of limiting beliefs, you can allow the universe to bring you what you want through the law of attraction.

Sometimes when you know you are focusing on your goals and doing the things you need to do to reach it, nothing happens. This might be because you have a limiting belief about reaching that goal but a belief is holding you back. By tapping through and neutralizing this limiting belief, you open the floodgates to reaching them and nudges you might hear to take action on your goals.

Here is one of my favorite YouTube video on tapping for money.


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